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All professional security guards that work in the state of California must be licensed and registered with the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS). To be properly licensed, the security guard must complete a standard course in the powers of arrest, weapons of mass destruction/terrorism awareness, public relations, observation and documentation, communication and its significance, liability/legal aspects and other elective courses that vary depending upon the training facility.

The BSIS requires an entire 40-hours of training. However, the training may be completed in three (3) parts. The training is split into parts to allow the guard to start working quickly, while still maintaining some of the highest standards in the industry.

The applicant is allowed to start working after successfully completing the first 8-hours of training (called the "Powers to Arrest" course), passing a written exam, passing a fingerprint/background check and submitting the BSIS application with appropriate fees.

The certificates of completion for the remaining 32-hours of training (Parts 2 and 3) are not sent to the BSIS. They are copied and logged by the employer in the permanent employee records. During an audit, the employer must present the BSIS with proof of complete 40-hours of training for every security guard employed or face severe fines for every guard who has not completed the required training.

The applicant may not start working as a security guard until he or she receives the security guard registration card in the mail, or the security guard registration number appears on the BSIS website. Most employers will not even interview a prospective employee unless he or she already holds at least the guard card.

California allows guard card training to be completed online.


Security Guard Card Introduction to Fire PatrolIntroduction to Fire Patrol now available online!


About Security Training Center,® LLC.

Our training programs are used on five (5) continents and approved by 2 state agencies (California and Arizona). Why not train with the global leaders in online security guard training?

Security Training Center,® LLC. is a professional guard card training company. Our driving purpose is to educate security personnel and organizations in the latest protocols and techniques to keep staff, property and other valuables safe. A proactive approach to security awareness prevents many problems from ever occurring, reducing risk to staff and liability. We teach early identification of potential problems and how to defuse conflicts before reaching crisis. Our staff and advisory board have decades of experience in military, law enforcement, executive protection, private security, defensive weapons and martial arts.

All we do is teach. We are not a security service provider.

BSIS Accredited

Our STC Guard Card Training program complies with all requirements as mandated by the California Department of Consumer Affairs Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS).

At the end of this course while passing all exams with a score of 100% in accordance with regulations, and passing the required background checks, students are issued:

  • A Certificate of Training Completion
  • A California Guard Card
    Issued by the State of California
  • A Certificate and Identification Card for carrying of Tear Gas and Pepper Spray

We are licensed by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS). TFF 1462


Complete 40-Hour Course

This is the complete 40-hour Guard Card course. All parts and lessons are included in this package.

Certificates of completion and application paperwork are issued when the student completes the first 8-hours of coursework.

Includes Chemical Agents lesson for free! ($29.99 value)

Cost: $84.99

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8-Hour Guard Card (PoA & WMD)

Power of Arrest, Weapons of Mass Destruction and Terrorism Awareness.

This section familiarizes and instructs the student on the training topics delineated by Business and Professions Code section 7583.7, legal aspects, techniques, liability, and company requirements relating to the arrest of an individual.

Students have 30-days to complete the coursework.

This section must be completed before the guard is assigned to duty.

Cost: $17.99

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Parts 2 and 3 (16-hours each)

Parts 2 and 3 are 16-hour programs (each). These sections familiarize and instruct the student in basic skills and provides a common body of knowledge in the performance of security guard work delineated by Business and Professions Code Section 7583.6, 7583.7 and portions of Title 16.

Part 2 must be completed within thirty (30)-days from the day the guard's registration card is issued.

Students have 30-days to complete the Part 2 and 180-days to complete Part 3.

Cost: $37.99/each

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8-hour Continuing Education

This course meets the BSIS continuing education requirement of an additional 8 hours annually pursuant to Business and Professions Code Section 7583.6(f) (1).

At the end of the course, the student is provided with a Certificate of Completion in compliance with the appearance requirements stated in Title 16, California Code of Regulations, section 643 (b).

Students have 30-days to complete the coursework.

Cost: $23.99

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Chemical Agents, Defensive Spray, OC Spray

NOTE: This course is included in the Complete 40-hour BSIS course and Part 3, 16-hour course.

This is the stand alone course for adding the qualification to carry tear gas/pepper spray. Enroll in this course only if you already hold a BSIS Guard Card and wish to add Tear Gas/Pepper Spray qualification.

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be issued a Certificate of Training and Identification for carrying Tear Gas and Pepper Spray.

Students have 30-days to complete the coursework.

Cost: $29.99

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Introduction to Fire Patrol

Security staff that can contribute to a fire safe facility are infinitely more valuable and desirable to clients and property owners than security personnel who are only aware of security specific duties. This is true whether a uniformed security guard protecting a property such as an office building or factory, or a VIP protection detail ensuring the safety of a principle in a variety of settings.

This 4-hours course satisfies the BSIS elective course requirements: "Y. Fire Safety Course"

Cost: $49.99

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Course Prices

Module Price Buy
Part 1, 8-Hour Initial Training (PoA & WMD) $17.99 Buy course now
Part 2 (16-hours) $37.99 Buy course now
Part 3 (16-hours) $37.99 Buy course now
Parts 2 and 3 (32-hours combo) $74.99 Buy course now
Complete 40-Hour Course $84.99 Buy course now
Chemical Agents/Defensive Spray (stand alone) $29.99 Buy course now
Annual BSIS Continuing Education (8-hours) $23.99 Buy course now
Customer Relations (4-hours) $29.99 Buy course now
Introduction to Fire Patrol (4-hours) $49.99 Buy course now

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Guard Training

We Wrote Our Material

All of our courses use our custom and proprietary STC Guard Card Training program. Built from the ground up using the latest technologies and cutting edge training delivery, STC Guard Card Training sets the industry standard for comprehensive security officer training.

We Are There For Our Students

We have a dedicated call center, with a toll-free number, staffed with professionals. We take care of our students before, during and after completing our courses. Unlike the competition, we do not abandon our students after we have the course fees.

Set Your Own Pace

All of the lessons can be taken at any time of the day or night. The student sets the time to learn without the hassle of restricted classroom hours or limited space. Complete the lessons at your pace and when it is convenient for you. Each lesson is on-demand.

Created With Educational Best Practices

The program was designed, created and built by education professionals with a background in security and personal protection. The training program includes:

  • Set Your Own Pace
  • Audio lecture
  • Video demonstrations
  • Animations
  • Examples
  • Dramatizations
  • End of Lesson Knowledge Checks
  • Examinations

Each lesson was specifically crafted to keep the student's interest while imparting critical and practical job skills.

Low Cost, Affordable Online Training

Our training rates are some of the lowest in the industry.



"I have been a peace officer in California for 22 years and have attended 1000's of hours of training, including 100's of hours of on-line training (both law enforcement and private sector training). By far, Palladium's curriculum, training materials and the training platform are the best. The environment was very easy to navigate and the materials were presented in a very easy to learn format. For anyone out there who is looking into becoming a professional security guard, I recommend Palladium On-Line Security Training Center for their training needs. I will be attending Palladium in the future for my additional training requirements."

Greg Lewis, Private Investigator/Qualified Manager


"Palladium Security has a great program that makes getting your license easier because it works around your own schedule."

J. Hallas


"I have 22 years of law enforcement experience in several different capacities. I thought taking this course was just going to be a formality. But not only did I find the information in the modules interesting, I also learned quite a bit. And the price was right too. Thanks Palladium!"

Jeff S.
Bakersfield, CA


Online System Requirements

Students must have access to an Internet-connected computer with an Adobe Flash-enabled browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox). Students can use Windows, Apple Macintosh, and some Android devices.

The system requires the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. It is available for free download from here:

Get Adobe Flash Player

The system does not support iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, etc.) or Motorola Zoom. Android devices are not officially supported.


First Approved Online Security Guard Training for Arizona

Security Training Center,® LLC. in association with Arizona Security Group, LLC. are proud to announce the launch of the first approved online security training program for the State of Arizona!

For the first time, students may complete the required 8-hour, unarmed security guard pre-assignment training (AAC, Title 13, Article 6, §R13-6-601) entirely online and according to their schedules. Students can set their own pace, learn at any time of day or night, pause the training and return to the exact point where they left off. It is the perfect solution for those who have families, are looking for supplemental income or looking to make a career change. The training is available when the student is, not just during “normal” business hours. Upon completion of the course, students are emailed a Certificate of Completion and a signed Security Guard Registration Application the business day following course completion.

Each lesson was specifically crafted to keep the student's interest while imparting critical and practical job skills.

The cost of the entire course is only $49.99. Corporate prices and licensing are available.

For more course information and account creation, visit:


Run Your Own Security STC Guard Card Training School!

We provide training materials for use by other organizations. Many companies have highly trained and experienced individuals but either lack the teaching experience or materials to be able to impart the knowledge. For situations like these, Security Training Center,® LLC. offers pre-packaged training materials. Our team is comprised exclusively of educational professionals, many of whom hold advanced degrees in Adult Education and Training.

Security Training Center,® LLC. is a personal and physical protection training company. Our purpose is to educate individuals and organizations in early identification of potential problems, how to defuse conflicts before reaching crisis and in protective measures for unavoidable confrontations. Our staff and advisory board have decades of experience in military, law enforcement, executive protection, private security, defensive weapons and martial arts. Our instruction is worldwide with nearly one quarter of our students outside the United States.


California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) Application

Use this link only after the training and Live Scan are completed! Information provided during the training and Live Scan are REQUIRED to complete the online BSIS application process.

THIS IS NOT TRAINING. THIS IS THE ONLINE STATE LICENSE APPLICATION SITE. The button below links to the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services Online Professional Licensing site.

BSIS Online Application

Security Training Center,® LLC. does not own or manage the "" website. The link is merely provided for student convienience. Problems with the site must be directed to the California Department of Consumer Affairs.


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