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Guard Card

California Guard Card Requirements
"Powers to Arrest"

You may stand post after an eight hour course and receiving your guard card. You will have 30 days to complete your first sixteen hours of training and then six months after getting your Security Guard card to complete the remaining sixteen hours for a total of forty. You may elect to take all forty hours of Security Guard card training at one time also. Prior to renewal of your Security Guard card after January 1, 2005 you must complete an eight hour refresher course four of which will be a mandated course set by the state and a four hours of an elective.

We have the quality and professional training that will make you a leader in the Security Industry, we offer support during and after you complete your training.



Take the guard card course, either the minimum 8 hour course or the complete 40 hours package.

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Live Scan Fingerprints - Download the proper Live Scan form from the BSIS website. If you are going to obtain a Firearms Permit from your local BSIS certified Firearms Training Facility be sure to get the one for "Guard Card/Firearms" or if you elect to only get a Guard Card then use the "Guard Card" Livescan form.

Fill in the first blank box with you information prior to going to the Live Scan Facility.

Locate a Live Scan Facility close to you and take your Live Scan form to the LIve Scan operator, they will charge you the state fees with their rolling fee.

Be sure to get a copy of the form when completed, make sure you can read the ATI number located on the bottom of the form.

Now that you have completed the course your "Application for Patrolman" will be sent to your email box that you entered on your rnrollment form. We will fill in all necessary information on the form based on you student application, be sure to have the proper information.
If you are only doing the Guard Card you may pay the California BSIS online for your permit or you can follow number "4" on the application for patrolman and mail in the state fee for the permit.
For information on how to fill out you paperwork or questions
about how to pay the BSIS online for your guard card:
TOLL FREE: (855) 500-3633
9:00 AM to 10:00 PM PST


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